• What’s the difference between the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race and the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Challenge?

    The Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race is the in-person event that takes place in Cumberland. The “Challenge” is a virtual style event that teams can do between Sept 24 and Oct 26, 2020.

  • Is this race for me?

    Adventure races are very challenging and require proper training in order to finish the race within the designated time limit. However, the MOMAR has attracted many first time competitors who have never before raced in any event. If you are strong mentally and have experience with mountain biking, kayaking, trail running and basic navigation, then you should have what it takes.

  • How long are the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Races?

    The races are approximately 30km for the Sport Course and 50km for the Enduro Course. You will not know the exact distances or the course route until the morning of the race. Be prepared for some steep climbs and fast decents. Generally, racers in the Enduro course can expect 10km of paddling, 25km of biking, and 15km of trekking. Sport course racers and expect 5km of paddling, 15km of biking and 10km of trekking.  We expect the first team in the Enduro to cross the finish line in 4.5 hours and the Sport to cross in 3.5 hours.

  • What is required in terms of Navigation?

    Generally, if you can read a street map or a trail map, then you can find your way around the course. The trek will NOT be marked. Depending on the course, the mountain biking section will be marked in some sections. Your ability to read a map is critical to your success in the race.

  • What if I get lost?

    There will be a series of Checkpoints along the course, if you fail to make a checkpoint within a reasonable amount of time, we will send search and rescue out to find you. Make sure you stay on the trails and if you are truly lost STOP and use your whistle so we can easily locate you. The course will be well marked and obvious.

  • Is there a cutoff time?

    To ensure that everyone is off the course within 8 hours, we will have a cut-off time at various course location. You will be told where and when this cut-off time on the race map. Please make sure you are aware of this and plan your race accordingly. If you do not make it to the cutoff checkpoint by the designated time, you will be directed to bypass certain checkpoints.

  • What kind of boats are permitted for the paddling stage?

    Any boat that is not oar locked (and non-motorized) is permitted.  You cannot have more than two people in the boat at any one time.  You can use a kayak, surfski, outrigger, canoe, or SUP.

  • How do we get a kayak?

    You can either bring your own or you can rent one from your local kayak shop. The majority of racers rent boats from one of our preferred list of kayak suppliers.

  • How many people per team?

    You can enter either as a solo racer, team of two, or a team of four. Any gender combinations are allowed. Only teams of two are allowed in the Sport Course.

  • If we are a team, do we have to remain together on the course?

    Yes. You must stay within visual range of your teammates or you will receive a 30min time penalty.

  • What happens if one of our teammates cannot finish the race?

    In adventure racing, all members of a team must finish the course together. Thus, you are only as fast as your slowest racer. If a teammate decides they cannot go on, the remaining members may race unranked.

  • Are there mandatory gear requirements?

    Yes and the final list can be found on the racer information package which is located on the Race Page for each race. Click here for a sample.

  • Will there be first aid attendants on site?

    Yes, first aid attendants will be onsite throughout the course to ensure rapid response to any emergency situation.

  • Will there be a bag check at the beginning of the Race?

    Unfortunately not.

  • Are there any wildlife hazards?

    Only black bears and cougars…

  • Are we allowed support personnel to help us during the race?

    Absolutely no outside support personnel will be allowed along the race course except at the start and finish lines. Time penalties will be handed out to teams in violation. Team must be fully self-sufficient and plan provisions accordingly.

  • Will there be any water stations?

    Yes. The actual number of stations is course dependent. Also, there will be no food along the course. Adventure racing requires racers to be completely self-sufficient. However, refreshments will be available at the finish line.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    Yes, all racers must be 19+.  We do make exceptions for underage racers if A) the person can demonstrate an adequate fitness level and B) they’re racing with a parent/guardian who has experience adventure racing.  Please submit your request to info@mindovermountain and we will review your application.

  • What accommodations are available?

    Depending on the race, there will be motels, hotels, condos, B&Bs, camping, or cabins. Check the race specific page for more details.

  • How do I get to Vancouver Island?

    BC ferries runs from Tsawwassen and West Vancouver to Nanaimo and Victoria. For ferry information visit www.bcferries.com or call 1-888-223-3779.  Seattle racers can catch the ferry from Anacortes to Victoria. Visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/index.cfm for more information.

  • What if it rains?

    Ha ha!!! It’s an adventure race!!! BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS!


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