Mandatory Gear

Surprise gear checks will occur somewhere along the course. If you are caught without a piece of mandatory gear, you will be issued a 5 minute time penalty per item. Each member of the team must come with the following items unless otherwise stated:

  • Whistle
  • Emergency Blanket (space blanket) or Large Garbage Bag
  • Bike helmet (certified CSA or equivalent)
  • Mountain Bike in good working order
  • Boat (kayak, surfski, canoe, paddleboard or outrigger) – maximum of two racers per boat
  • Paddle
  • Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket (Type III or better). Please note that you’re not allowed to use self-inflating belt style life preservers.
  • Water bladder with a 1L minimum capacity
  • One extra longsleeve synthetic shirt

Each team must have the following:

  • Compass
  • Waterproof Bag to hold maps (ie 12″ Ziploc)
  • Bike Repair Kit that includes:
    • Spare tubes
    • Chain repair kit
    • Tire levers
    • Pump
  • First Aid Kit that includes:
    • Regular Bandages
    • Antihistamine Tablets (in case you are stung by a bee…)
    • Anti-inflammatory Tablets
    • Tensor (Ace) Bandage

Although not mandatory, we recommend that teams also bring the following:

  • Cell phone
  • Reading glasses (if you need them)

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