36th Edition of the MOMAR Set for September 26, 2016

October 2, 2014 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on 36th Edition of the MOMAR Set for September 26, 2016


The date is set for the 16th season of the Atmosphere Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race.  On September 26th, 2015, over 500 weekend warriors will line up for another adventure filled day in the Village of Cumberland.

Racers can expect another challenging course complete with paddling, mountain biking, trail running, bushwhacking and more.  Registration will open in early January and we are expecting another early sell out.  Get your team together and save the date!

For more race details, go here.

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Did you make it on this year’s MOMAR poster?

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The 2014 edition of the MOMAR poster is now out on the streets!  Check it out and see if your happy mug made the cut.  Big thanks to my talented brother, Rod Tasaka, for his design work and to amazing Dave Silver Photography for taking the awesome photos!   If you would like to print your own copy for the wall, click here to download the high res 11″x17″  PDF (48MB). It’ll make for a great souvenir!


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FIREBALL ALERT! Only 25 Spots Left for the MOMAR!

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With just five months to go before the one and only Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race hits the village of Cumberland, we are headed for another early sell out.  Over 400 weekend warriors have already registered and now we’re down to our final 25 spots before we are all sold out.

We are working on some new course concepts and possible new starting and finish locations too.  New trails will be explored and we’ll look to put even more ‘adventure’ into this year’s course.

If you have friends that haven’t registered, please let them know get off the fence and stop procrastinating.  The final spots will go quick!

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Welcome Back Atmosphere & Merrell

March 31, 2014 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on Welcome Back Atmosphere & Merrell


I would like to welcome back our title sponsor, Atmosphere, and our presenting sponsor, Merrell, for another season with the MOMAR. Both companies have been fantastic partners for many years now and we attribute much of our success to their commitment.

Racers of the Cumberland MOMAR have a chance at winning a $1000 shopping spree at Atmosphere. And Merrell is putting up some running shoes to the team with the most spirit. They will also be supplying every racer and volunteer with a MOMAR branded souvenir tech top.

We are busy locking down all of our Community Sponsors and we’ll give them a shout out soon too. In the meantime, please continue to support our sponsors wherever you can.  Thanks!

Three cheers for our sponsors!

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The MOMAR’s TOP 20 PHOTO MOMENTS from 2012

January 14, 2013 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on The MOMAR’s TOP 20 PHOTO MOMENTS from 2012

Wow! Wow! Wow!  What a year. 13 years in the bag and so many great moments to add to memory bank.  A big BIG thanks goes out to our talented team of photographers who came out and captured the MOMAR experience.


#1 – CLASS PHOTOphoto by Mark Teasdale (top) and Dave Silver (bottom)

The racers and volunteers pose for the group shot minutes before the start of MOMAR Burnaby (top) and MOMAR Cumberland (bottom).  For many, this will be the last time them smile until they cross the finish line… :0)


#2 – MERRELL TECH TOPSphoto by Mark Teasdale

Our sponsors are simply the BEST and Merrell led the way by stepping up and providing each of our racers and volunteers with a high quality tech top.  Team S&M2 from Courtenay model the new shirts during Friday Night check in at the Riding Fool Hostel.  This good looking team went on to finish 2nd in the 4C category.


#3 – I WOULD CLIMB 500 STEPSphoto by Simon Whitefield

The City of Burnaby’s Parks Crew was busy over the past year building the new 500+ stair Velodome Trail up the backside of Burnaby Mountain.  The Space Cadets hammer up the steps like it’s another day on the Stairmaster 3000.


#4 – X-FILES “O”photo by John Crosby

Once again, one of the coolest parts of the Burnaby MOMAR was the Orienteering stage through the campus of Simon Fraser University.  Here, Geoff Langford leads his Raid the North team through the GVOC designed course.


#5 – SHRINKAGE!photo by David Murphy

Colin Rennie and Sandra Hardy punch the last CP in the waters of Burrard Inlet.  Everyone can thank Tom Jarecki for hanging the CP in this location.


#6 – WITH THE MAVERICKSphoto by Mark Teasdale

For the first time, we added “Social Media Mavericks” to the team of volunteers.  Sarah and Casey-Jo stepped up and provided us with awsome live coverage on Twitter and Facebook and we also had some great tweets from competing teams too.


#7 – LIKE ANTS ON THE WATERphoto by Dave Silver

This photo RULES!!!  The sight of seeing all of the kayaks lined up on Comox Lake for the start of the race is pretty amazing.


#8 – MYSTERY PEAKphoto by Dave Silver

Cumberland’s terrain is truly phenomenal and filled with many hidden gems. While on a weekend of course scouting, we found a huge open bluff with an incredible view of the valley and we knew we had to make it a checkpoint.  Bushwhacking got you there the fasted, but you had to feel good about your compasss skills.  In this photo, Hailey Van Dyck and Jesse Crane clear the CP and venture off to the next.


#9 – REFRESHING SWIMphoto by Mark Teasdale

The Mystery Checkpoint was a popular stage at this year’s MOMAR Cumberland.  It was a short swim with the aid of an air matress or pool noodle.


#10 – CUMBY TRAILSphoto by Dave Silver

A big reason why people keep signing up for the MOMAR Cumberland is the amazing network of mountain biking trails.  The community of trail builders are a dedicated and phenomenal bunch of guys and continue to impress the hundreds of out-of-town participants.


#11 – SEADS AT SEEDS!photo by Mark Teasdale

Seeds Natural Food Market in Cumberland has been a sponsor of the MOMAR for many years now and it has become one of the racer’s favorite checkpoint.  Christina and her staff put out the treats as a mini-reward for the racers.  Sarah Seads (photo) would agree that this extra bit of sugar is the perfect kick needed to make the final push to the finish line.


#12 – INTO THE WILDphoto by Dave Silver

Going off trail can be a very unnerving experience–you can save heaps of time or you can find yourself “off the map”.  This year at the Cumberland MOMAR, teams had many chances to use their compasses and venture in the woods and many felt it was the highlight of their race.


#13 – SYCRO ADVENTURE RACERS!photo by Dave Silver

We have to give another shout out to our sponsor over at Frontrunners who have been with us for the past 12 years.  Norm, Stefan, Nick and Mark are all first class dudes!!!


#14 – WATCH OUT FOR BEESphoto by Dave Silver

The final stage of the MOMAR Cumberland course is a small technical romp through the giant bolder and cliff-laden forest behind the Cumberland Campground.  This stage puts the final stamp on an adventure filled day of racing and an we owe a big thanks to Carl Coger of the Victoria Orienteering Club for making it happen.


#15 – THE CHAMPphoto by Mark Teasdale

It was another series sweep for Todd Nowack bringing his total overall win total to 12. Yes, 12.  Todd has moved to Australia though and unless he makes a special trip back for the MOMAR (and we hope he does), we’ll be crowning a new champ in 2013.


#16 – ABSOLUTE KAOSphoto by Brett Wilson

We thought they were great last year, but this year Kootenay Kaos stepped it up in a big way with thier Red Men/Women outfits and wonky helmets.  Their speed walk across the finish line was a riot and their finish line shot is the bomb.


#17 – THEY ARE THE BEST!photo by Kimberly Kufaas

This card says it all.  Our volunteers are the absolute best.  Thanks Team Chels for making up these cards and handing them out to all of the volunteers along the course!


#18 – THE CHAMPSphoto by Dave Silver

They train hard, they race hard, they make smart decisions, and they come out on top. These are just some of the podium finishers from this year’s MOMAR. Winners took home sunglassess from Ryders, Frontrunners gift cards, and a box of Clif bars!


#19 – PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!photo by Mark Teasdale (top) & Dave Silver

Another year, another killer party at the MOMAR Cumberland.  The cover band was kick ass and the party was a blast.  Can’t wait for 2013!


#20 – THE ULTIMATE BOTTLE OPENERphoto by David Murphy

This year’s finishers medal not only acknowledged the completion of your MOMAR experience, but was also functional as a bottle opener for the celebratory beer.  Thanks to Rod Tasaka at SurfaceCollective.com for the great design!

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