Photo from the Big Chop Summer Paddle Series in Vancouver, BC

Photo from the Big Chop Summer Paddle Series in Vancouver, BC

With the nice and sunny Spring weather upon us, now is the time to get off the couch and do some racing.  We’re very fortunate to live in a place where we one can find numerous races on any one weekend.  Here is a list of some of the best ones that are coming up in the next few months:





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January 15, 2013 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on CUMBERLAND 2013: ONE RACE, ONE ADVENTURE.

Just like the MOMAR racer, I too have to make some tough choices.  The big one for me was the decision to forgo the Burnaby MOMAR and only offer the race in Cumberland.  The MOMAR has been in Cumberland for 12 of our 13 years and it’s always a big success.  The community and trails are first class all the way and the party never misses.  Saturday, September 21st, 2013, is the date — mark it in your calendar.

We had two great years in Burnaby with challenging courses, fantastic trails, and many amazing memories.  However, in the end, the numbers just didn’t add up and we had to make the difficult decision to let it go.  It was a tough call because Gary and I had a good plan for another course that would have used some cool new terrain.

I would like to extend a BIG thanks to Matthew Coyne at Tourism Burnaby for inviting us to Burnaby and making it all happen. Thanks to the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University for granting us permission to race on their trails. Thanks to Magnus Johansson and the GVOC for designing the awesome orienteering stage on the SFU campus!  And a big final thanks to my good buddy, Gary Robbins, for your awesome course design and management!

Now with all our adventure eggs in one basket, the Cumberland MOMAR will be capped at 350 racers and with only one MOMAR, I’m predicting an early sell out.  With the Cumberland race, you can count on another fun Friday night registration night at the Riding Fool Hostel complete with a free beer and a goodie laden swag bag.  We promise you another stellar course with lots of navigational choices,  sweet single-track riding, and non-stop adventure.  No, there won’t be any contrived obstacles, just you and the challenges of the wild Cumberland wilderness.  And we’ll celebrate your day in a big way at the award winning after-party!

We hope that you will make this MOMAR part of your adventurous plans for 2013!  We hope that you will rally your couch potato friends to join your team.

Registration is open. Be there or be square.

Yours in adventure,

Bryan Tasaka
Race Director

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The MOMAR’s TOP 20 PHOTO MOMENTS from 2012

January 14, 2013 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on The MOMAR’s TOP 20 PHOTO MOMENTS from 2012

Wow! Wow! Wow!  What a year. 13 years in the bag and so many great moments to add to memory bank.  A big BIG thanks goes out to our talented team of photographers who came out and captured the MOMAR experience.


#1 – CLASS PHOTOphoto by Mark Teasdale (top) and Dave Silver (bottom)

The racers and volunteers pose for the group shot minutes before the start of MOMAR Burnaby (top) and MOMAR Cumberland (bottom).  For many, this will be the last time them smile until they cross the finish line… :0)


#2 – MERRELL TECH TOPSphoto by Mark Teasdale

Our sponsors are simply the BEST and Merrell led the way by stepping up and providing each of our racers and volunteers with a high quality tech top.  Team S&M2 from Courtenay model the new shirts during Friday Night check in at the Riding Fool Hostel.  This good looking team went on to finish 2nd in the 4C category.


#3 – I WOULD CLIMB 500 STEPSphoto by Simon Whitefield

The City of Burnaby’s Parks Crew was busy over the past year building the new 500+ stair Velodome Trail up the backside of Burnaby Mountain.  The Space Cadets hammer up the steps like it’s another day on the Stairmaster 3000.


#4 – X-FILES “O”photo by John Crosby

Once again, one of the coolest parts of the Burnaby MOMAR was the Orienteering stage through the campus of Simon Fraser University.  Here, Geoff Langford leads his Raid the North team through the GVOC designed course.


#5 – SHRINKAGE!photo by David Murphy

Colin Rennie and Sandra Hardy punch the last CP in the waters of Burrard Inlet.  Everyone can thank Tom Jarecki for hanging the CP in this location.


#6 – WITH THE MAVERICKSphoto by Mark Teasdale

For the first time, we added “Social Media Mavericks” to the team of volunteers.  Sarah and Casey-Jo stepped up and provided us with awsome live coverage on Twitter and Facebook and we also had some great tweets from competing teams too.


#7 – LIKE ANTS ON THE WATERphoto by Dave Silver

This photo RULES!!!  The sight of seeing all of the kayaks lined up on Comox Lake for the start of the race is pretty amazing.


#8 – MYSTERY PEAKphoto by Dave Silver

Cumberland’s terrain is truly phenomenal and filled with many hidden gems. While on a weekend of course scouting, we found a huge open bluff with an incredible view of the valley and we knew we had to make it a checkpoint.  Bushwhacking got you there the fasted, but you had to feel good about your compasss skills.  In this photo, Hailey Van Dyck and Jesse Crane clear the CP and venture off to the next.


#9 – REFRESHING SWIMphoto by Mark Teasdale

The Mystery Checkpoint was a popular stage at this year’s MOMAR Cumberland.  It was a short swim with the aid of an air matress or pool noodle.


#10 – CUMBY TRAILSphoto by Dave Silver

A big reason why people keep signing up for the MOMAR Cumberland is the amazing network of mountain biking trails.  The community of trail builders are a dedicated and phenomenal bunch of guys and continue to impress the hundreds of out-of-town participants.


#11 – SEADS AT SEEDS!photo by Mark Teasdale

Seeds Natural Food Market in Cumberland has been a sponsor of the MOMAR for many years now and it has become one of the racer’s favorite checkpoint.  Christina and her staff put out the treats as a mini-reward for the racers.  Sarah Seads (photo) would agree that this extra bit of sugar is the perfect kick needed to make the final push to the finish line.


#12 – INTO THE WILDphoto by Dave Silver

Going off trail can be a very unnerving experience–you can save heaps of time or you can find yourself “off the map”.  This year at the Cumberland MOMAR, teams had many chances to use their compasses and venture in the woods and many felt it was the highlight of their race.


#13 – SYCRO ADVENTURE RACERS!photo by Dave Silver

We have to give another shout out to our sponsor over at Frontrunners who have been with us for the past 12 years.  Norm, Stefan, Nick and Mark are all first class dudes!!!


#14 – WATCH OUT FOR BEESphoto by Dave Silver

The final stage of the MOMAR Cumberland course is a small technical romp through the giant bolder and cliff-laden forest behind the Cumberland Campground.  This stage puts the final stamp on an adventure filled day of racing and an we owe a big thanks to Carl Coger of the Victoria Orienteering Club for making it happen.


#15 – THE CHAMPphoto by Mark Teasdale

It was another series sweep for Todd Nowack bringing his total overall win total to 12. Yes, 12.  Todd has moved to Australia though and unless he makes a special trip back for the MOMAR (and we hope he does), we’ll be crowning a new champ in 2013.


#16 – ABSOLUTE KAOSphoto by Brett Wilson

We thought they were great last year, but this year Kootenay Kaos stepped it up in a big way with thier Red Men/Women outfits and wonky helmets.  Their speed walk across the finish line was a riot and their finish line shot is the bomb.


#17 – THEY ARE THE BEST!photo by Kimberly Kufaas

This card says it all.  Our volunteers are the absolute best.  Thanks Team Chels for making up these cards and handing them out to all of the volunteers along the course!


#18 – THE CHAMPSphoto by Dave Silver

They train hard, they race hard, they make smart decisions, and they come out on top. These are just some of the podium finishers from this year’s MOMAR. Winners took home sunglassess from Ryders, Frontrunners gift cards, and a box of Clif bars!


#19 – PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!photo by Mark Teasdale (top) & Dave Silver

Another year, another killer party at the MOMAR Cumberland.  The cover band was kick ass and the party was a blast.  Can’t wait for 2013!


#20 – THE ULTIMATE BOTTLE OPENERphoto by David Murphy

This year’s finishers medal not only acknowledged the completion of your MOMAR experience, but was also functional as a bottle opener for the celebratory beer.  Thanks to Rod Tasaka at for the great design!

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April 26, 2012 by Bryan Tasaka | No Comments on WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE BURNABY MOMAR COURSE DESIGN by Gary Robbins

Less than six weeks until the second edition of the Burnaby MOMAR takes off in…well Burnaby of course.

Last year we had a solid debut in a slightly unconventional location, at least compared to the majority of the areas the MOMAR has historically visited. Burnaby Mountain out at SFU made for a fantastic mid-point of the race as we truly had a unique urban orienteering stage throughout the university’s architecture. Many competitors referred to it as the highlight of the day for them.

Overall competitors in the first ever Burnaby MOMAR seemed impressed, if not amazed, at the varied landscape and combined elevation profile which proved to be much hillier terrain than most envisioned possible. As a course director I was pumped on our kayaking stage as it brought racers back into the waters of Deep Cove, which as anyone who’s frequented the area can attest to is one of the most scenic paddling locations in BC’s lower mainland.

From there I found that I was content with the climbing offered throughout our race and that the singletrack riding really rounded out what I believed was necessary to brand this as a MOMAR worthy event. My only true complaint as a course designer last year was that I was somewhat resigned to a few too many necessary urban road connections when I truly desired to incorporate more mud, dirt, and forest. Thankfully, The City of Burnaby did us as racers and them as a city a major favor during the 11 months since last year’s event…the built more trails! Really nice, buffed out, professional grade stuff that links together this years course in ways we could have only wished for just one year ago. As such we are able to say that almost 35% of the trails we’re including in this, the second edition of the Burnaby MOMAR, either weren’t touched last year or simply did not exist. As a course designer it’s hard to ask for much more than that!

I’m confident that no matter how familiar you may think you are with the terrain around SFU, you’ll thoroughly enjoy what we’re pieced together for you on June 2nd.

Bryan and I had a bit of fun a few weeks ago and created a short video of our day out on course. Check it out along with a few pics I snapped back in Feb and we hope to see you out come race day.

by: Gary Robbins

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January 8, 2012 by Bryan Tasaka | 1 Comment on THE TOP 20 PHOTO MOMENTS FROM 2011 + 2 GREAT RACE VIDEOS

Once again, there were so many great moments from the 2011 season of the Atmosphere Mind Over Mountain Adventure Racing Series.  We started the year off in a brand new venue, Burnaby, and ended in Cumberland for the 12 year in a row.  I had hundreds of photos to review and came up with 20 images and two videos.  Enjoy!!!


1. WE WERE THE FIRST  – Photo by Mark Teasdale  —- A partial group shot just before the start of the inaugural race in Burnaby, BC.   The weather was ideal — cool in the morning and bright sunny skies in the afternoon.  The race started and finished at Barnett Marine Park, a bit of a hidden gem in the Lower Mainland.

2. WHAT A PADDLE LEG  – Photo by Mark Teasdale  —- Todd Nowack leads this group of paddlers on a 10km paddle in Burrard Inlet /Indian Arm and up to Jug Island and back.    Todd won this race and Cumberland (another series sweep!)  and adds two more to his overall win tally.

3. SWEET SINGLE TRACK ON BURNABY MOUNTAIN  – Photo by Matthew Beckett  —- Frontrunners’ Stefan Jakobson cruises down the trails during the MOMAR Burnaby.  Frontrunners is our longest running sponsor having been with us for the past 12 years. Love you guys!

4. COMPASSIONATE VOLUNTEER  – Photo by Andrea Beckett  —- The MOMAR has the BEST team of volunteers.  They are always so hardworking, enthusiastic, and ready to help a racer out when needed.  Here, longtime volunteer, Thomas Howard (and his chicken) takes the time to click a shot of a wiped out racer before helping him up (and asking if he’s ok).  What a guy!

5. CELEBRITY APPEARANCE   – Photo by John Crosby  —- Not only did we have one of the best female adventure racers (Jen Segger) on the start line of the MOMAR Burnaby but we also had Raid the North’s race director, Geoff Langford, too!

6. CHAMPAGNE WISHES – Photo by Mark Teasdale  —- Team Beer O’Clock (Nicole Gibbons, Beth Henschel, Alison Perras, and Jaimie Isaac) from Vancouver celebrates their first place finish (4F) with champagne and big smiles. They found all 36 checkpoints in 7h and 13m.  Great job!

7. HEART AND SOLE  – Photo by John Crosby  —- The Momamas were the winners of the Sole Spirit Award. Tons of spirit all day long.

8. VIDEO:  WATCH THE FOOTAGE   – Video by Erik Nachtrieb of 1iOpen Productions  —- Big thanks to Erik for coming out and shooting video and putting together this stellar video that captures the essence of our inaugural race in Burnaby. Click  here to watch.

9. WELCOME TO THE FOG – Photo by Erik Peterson —- Paddlers set out on Comox Lake for the start of the Cumberland MOMAR.  This was the foggiest morning that we ever had and it made for a really eerie but calm paddle stage.

10. NEW CHECKPOINT – Photo by Erik Peterson —- There has been 12 races in Cumberland and finding new terrain is always a treat.  Here, a new trail was cut allowing us access to a set of fantastic bluffs with a great view of the glaciers to the west.  Team Frontrunners Westshore (Nick Walker and Eric Findlay) look pro as they approach CP 3.  I predict a big year at the MOMAR for this duo in 2012.

11. A FAMILY AFFAIR – Photo by John Crosby  — It was great having Vernon’s Sheila Sovereign take on the 30km sport course with her niece Karly.  The Vernon Morning Star reported: “We did really well with the route finding, but we really had to take our time and think it through,” said Sheila. “I did the Squamish MOMAR and the trail finding was way easier. This was actually pretty tricky so we really had to pay attention.”

12. LOST AND CONFUSED – Photo by Erik Peterson —- We’ve all been there… you know… in the Orienteering Stage of the MOMAR… your navigator isn’t quite sure where to go as your teammate waits (im)patiently for a quick decision. Right?  Sarah Newman and Geoff Huenemann from Bike Over Teakettle figure things out in the final stage of the MOMAR Cumberland course.

13. SPIRIT OF TWO BODIES IN ONE Photo by John Crosby —- In the most touching story in the history of the MOMAR, Steven Crerar from Campbell River races the MOMAR Cumberland in memory of his brother  Bryan Crerar, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2009.  Steven and Bryan had raced together for four previous MOMARs and this was now Steven’s first solo.  More on Steven’s story, click here.

14. FOUND IT! – Photo by Erik Peterson —- Aside from crossing the finish line, is there any better feeling than finding a Checkpoint?  Sometimes they can be found easily and sometimes they are hidden; either way, seeing the orange and white flag is a great feeling.  In this photo, ELM Fearless Leaders (Kathy Campbell and Lynn Swift) punch the CP at the top of DCDH.

15. OH THOSE CUMBY TRAILS – Photo by Erik Peterson —- A forest is sometimes just a forest but when you get a community of dedicated trail builders you can end up with a forest with it’s own very unique identity.  The trail network behind the Village of Cumberland is simply the best on the Vancouver Island.  In the first years of the MOMAR Cumberland, we took racers on the Crafty Butcher trail, but subsequent logging kept it out of future course routes. Last year, the trail was refurbished and a wicked double teeter todder was added making this the must ride trail of the race. Super fun, super fast, super buff.

16. OH THOSE CUMBY TRAILS – Photo by Erik Peterson —- Just south of the start/finish line for the MOMAR Cumberland sits a steep boulder filled forest and rugged cliffs.  The terrain here is super cool and is the home to a rock climbers, wasp nests, bears and our final orienteering stage. It’s one of my favorite places in Cumberland.

17. YOU’RE ONLY AS FAST AS YOUR SLOWEST TEAMMATE – Photo by John Crosby —- Last Year’s Losers (Irene and Neil Borecky) cross the line with almost all of their limbs attached…. Runner up for the Sole Spirit Award. What a riot.

18. ATMOSPHERE  – Photo by John Crosby —- A big BIG thanks goes out to our title sponsor Atmosphere who have been with us for the past three years.  Without their support and the support of all of our other sponsors, the MOMAR would not be possible (or at least you wouldn’t get a cool shirt, shiny medal, tasty dinner, rockin’ party, accurate maps, heaps of prizes, a crazy MC, etc… ).  And it was great to have a staff team from the Victoria store compete too! In this photo: Steven Craig, Hannah Mashon, William Rankine, and Nick Brame.

19. ROCK STAR – Photo by Erik Peterson —- What a great moment it was when MOMAR’s own event coordinator, Tamara Rhodes, took the stage and sang a few songs with Megalicious at the MOMAR Cumberland after-party.  This capped off another killer after-party!

20. THREE AMIGOS – Photo by ‘some dude with my camera’ —- Dave Norona, Normon Thibault, and me (Bryan Tasaka).  These guys were at the first MOMAR back in 2000 and they are still here today — 35 races later.  Wow. What a run.

21. THE REAL HEROS OF THE MOMAR – Photo by Erik Peterson —- The MOMAR is produced by a core group of hard working, organized, and dedicated event team.  Thank you Tamara Hung, Janine Tasaka, Sheron Chrysler, Elaine McHugh, Lisa Au, Liz Tribe and Gary Robbins!!!  (Note: Dave Norona represents Lisa, Liz, and Gary for the purposes of this team picture)

22. THE NASTYASS ADVENTURE RACER – Video by Kootenay Kaos —- Words cannot properly explain what the Kootenay Kaos are all about… it’s best if you just watch the video.

That’s it!  Nothing but great memories! Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

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